Like a boat at sea, there are infinite directions our lives can take and every choice we make effects the trajectory of the course we’re on. Ships Have Sailed is an independent, Los Angeles based artist whose stunning debut E.P., Someday, reflects the theme of how a simple turn can change the outcome of our entire future. 

The journey of Ships Have Sailed started with the band’s founder; Will Carpenter. An east coaster at heart, Carpenter grew-up in a small town in central Vermont. Raised by an array of renaissance women, Carpenter’s eccentric mother and four talented sisters influenced his pursuit of the arts. His musical exploration began at a young age when he learned to play the violin. He then moved to piano and without the means to do much else Carpenter found himself escaping the hardships of his childhood through songwriting. Once Carpenter discovered the legendary sounds of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and The Doors, he dreamed of making music that would change the world. Reveling in a Rock ’n’ Roll awakening, at the age of nine Carpenter learned to play the bass guitar, then quickly picked up an electric guitar and hasn’t let go since.
As adolescence reared its ugly head, the haunting vocals of The Cure and the reggae-infused melodies of The Police had left their mark on Carpenter’s musicality. But every generation has its soundtrack of teenage rebellion and for Carpenter it was the Grunge movement of the 1990s. Drowning in a sea of limitations, Carpenter found catharsis in the loud gritty guitars and apathetic lyrics of bands like Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots. When flannel shirts and the cold northeast weren’t enough to satisfy his teen-angst, Carpenter left home at the age of fifteen to find his own musical revolution.
For the last eight years Carpenter has been submerged in the pop culture party that is the City of Angels. Having toured with several bands over the years, he is now having the time of his life playing lead guitar for 7Lions, a rock hip hop band signed to 2101 Records. Carpenter has become a fan of alternative icons like Coldplay, The Killers and others, their infectious melodies and innovative lyrics have inspired him to get back to his songwriting roots.
Forever devoted to making music that moves people, Carpenter built Ships Have Sailed, an artistic vessel into which he can pour his passion for songwriting. Although heavily rock influenced, the music of Ships Have Sailed has a more sensitive singer/songwriter vibe. The melodies of “Midnight”, the first single from Ships Have Sailed, are contagious; its tale of heartache and hope is so palpable it hurts. The Someday E.P., released on August 20, 2013, shows the spectrum of musical stylings that Ships Have Sailed has to offer, from its raw, acoustic lullabies to its synth-driven, rock anthems.
New ventures for Ships Have Sailed are just on the horizon. Carpenter says he’s always felt most alive on stage with a guitar in hand, so he’s excited about developing a live show for Ships Have Sailed. He is also currently collaborating with other songwriters and producers in hopes of releasing a full-length album in 2014. The best part about embarking on a new journey is the freedom to blow wherever the wind may take you. And this is just the maiden voyage for Ships Have Sailed.


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